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It all began with an 

organic cotton throw

Founders Benita Goldblatt and Jess Diehl founded zestt in 2013 to bring beauty and joy into homes through well designed gifts and textiles. But when they decided to add an organic cotton throw to the line, the mission got bigger.  

What makes this throw blanket organic?  One simple question that uncovered a desire to do more than design beautiful things.  

We realized that the goods we create were going to have an impact on those who created them.  We wanted it to be a positive one.  

Benita Goldblatt & Jess Diehl, Co-Founders

Ethically Crafted + Sustainably Sourced

zestt was launched in 2013 by longtime friends Benita Goldblatt & Jess Diehl.  Benita, an interior designer and Jess, a consultant didn't set out to redefine ethical standards for home goods, but when they received a sample of an organic cotton throw and did a quick google search, they realized it needed to be a part of their plan.   As the pair learned more about how cotton was traditionally grown, farmed and processed, they realized that they wanted their blankets, bedding and kitchen linens to be different. This started with buying cotton grown from non GMO seeds and raised without pesticides and harmful chemicals. But they also learned that it went further than this. That the way these items were processed also needed to be carefully managed and overseen, from toxic free dyes to socially responsible factories.

GOTS Certified

zestt is proud to be a GOTS certified company, demonstrating that our products carrying this seal are guaranteed from seed to store to be free of pesticides, harmful chemicals and harsh dyes.  One of the most stringent markers of organic cotton goods, it also ensures that the production process of our textiles is ethical and fair.  Learn more about the lifecycle of a GOTS certified product.