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January means it's road season for our team.  We'll be in Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Dallas and Frankfurt sharing the Spring collection with wholesale customers from around the world.  It's our favorite time of year (and often times the most stressful).  It's always energizing to share months of creative and logistical work with our customers, but it's also a busy few weeks of airplanes, hotel rooms + eating out.   This year will mark 4 years since we've started this travel schedule and we've learned a few things along the way.   We got the crew together to make a list of our favorite travel essentials that keep us looking put together, eating right and somewhat organized.... no matter what market season throws our way.  

1. Travel blow dryer: We're all about the ponytail when we're in our warehouse/headquarters space, but road season usually means it's time to look our best.  Packing a good travel blow dryer means less drying time and frizz free hair for the day ahead.  

2. Travel wallet: I bought this in Hong Kong back in 2012 as a splurge and I've been using it for domestic and international travel ever since.  It's big enough to throw printed boarded passes, cash and a passport in.  

3. Lo & Sons OMG Bag: This bag has a place for everything - including a padded, protective pocket for your laptop and a place to stow a spare pare of shoes.  A luggage strap on the back means it will fit right over your carry on so your hands can be free to carry coffee for that 6am flight.  

4. zestt Travel Wrap: We kid that we added these to the line so we could use them ourselves and we're only half joking.  Combed organic cotton means they have a cashmere like feel and we love that we can just wear them on the plane to save on packing space.  

5. GFB: We usually spend the first 2-3 days of a show setting up the booth in a room with no windows.  We lose track of time and sometimes forget to eat, so having a few easy to access (and healthy) goodies in our bag is essential.  

6. Packing Cubes: With short international layovers and tight domestic flight schedules, carrying on is essential.  We've taken to using these Eagle Creek cubes for pajamas and loungewear, while the folders are perfect for keeping dresses and business wear pressed and presentation ready! 

January 24, 2018 by Jessica Diehl