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Our 2018 Resolution..."Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last."

In a world of fast fashion, seasonal catalogs inform us of the latest trends and looks.  With cheap prices and seemingly month long trends, our closets seem to be on an ever revolving rotation of poorly made, but trendy merchandise. 
December 29, 2017 by Jessica Diehl
Spring 2018 Collection Sneak Peak: Heirloom Baby Blanket Gift Sets

Spring 2018 Collection Sneak Peak: Heirloom Baby Blanket Gift Sets

As our friends and family continue to grow their families, we are constantly faced with the decision of what to gift for the momentous occasion of welcoming a new baby.   Few life occasions carry such joy and magnitude and we wanted to create a product that spoke to the transcendent nature of a new child joining a family and the bonds that exist between the generations.
December 15, 2017 by Jessica Diehl
Caring for Organic Textiles + Linens

Caring for Organic Textiles + Linens

We work hand in hand with our manufacturing partners to create heirloom quality textiles that are ethically made to last a lifetime.  Properly caring for your zestt items helps them to maintain their softness and durability and extends the conscious impact of each product.
December 07, 2017 by Jessica Diehl